The Union City Townhouse Association is a non-profit corporation owned and operated by the homeowners.  The specific primary purposes for which the Union City Townhouse Association is to inform and to provide for maintenance, protection, preservation, and architectural control of the resident’s Lots and Common Area, including the attractiveness and value thereof, and the landscaping, structures, and facilities thereon.  Membership is automatic for all owners of townhouses located on certain properties as set forth in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) recorded with the County Recorder.
History of the Union City Townhouse Association
The Union City Townhouse Association is an organization of homeowners of five-hundred and thirty-one (531) units called townhouses.  We not only own the buildings we live in, but also the land underneath.  The units are housed in
eighty-six (86) buildings and consist of two, three, and four bedroom homes.  Each Lot is subject to monthly and special assessments.  The monthly dues are used to keep the exterior of the buildings painted and maintained on a continuous schedule; to landscape and light the common area; to repair and sweep the streets; and to pay for water usage in the common area.
The land was originally part of the Alameda Creek runoff and was flooded most of the winter.  Union City Boulevard was originally called Marsh Road.  When the Del Val Dam was built, the land became usable for purposes other than farming. Remington Land Company was the original landowner and developer. Then Kaufman and Broad Construction Company built our complex in stages. The first phase was opened in July of 1971; the second in January of 1972.  The last of Kaufman and Broad’s units were sold by July 1976.  Dues collection started on March 1, 1972.
The Association is governed by rules called Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) which were originally written by the Remington Land Company.  These original documents were amended and approved by 75% of the homeowners in 1997.
The original name, given to us by the builders, was El Dorado Park, but the current name, Union City Townhouse Association, has been in use since March 1972.

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